Post scriptum

Independent Magazine of Literature & the Arts POST SCRIPTUM was created in 2019 on the initiative of Renata Cygan. By definition, it was supposed to be an egalitarian (not elitist or industry journal), covering the issues of art and literature as broadly as possible. The main idea is to provide readers with interesting information and materials concerning famous writers, poets and artists, as well as to present and promote young talents. We follow and comment on cultural phenomena and events, we also introduce new or little-known graphic and photographic techniques, talk to artists, museologists, art historians, literary scholars, people of cinema and theatre, musicians, gallery owners and architects. We discover interesting places on the cultural map of the world and at last, we invite experts from various fields to cooperate with us.



Post Scriptum is all about the people

We are a group of enthusiasts who want to share with readers our constantly enriched knowledge about contemporary art and literature, which are incessantly happening and evolving right before our eyes, although not always on the spotlight.

We do not have specific, systematized departments. We do not want to put art in a specific framework, the more so as in many cases artistic activities combine its various genres. We make every effort to ensure that our articles are interesting and diverse, rich both in terms of content and graphics.

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