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Dearest Readers, 

It is time to introduce the 21th edition of our quarterly literary and artistic Post Scriptum (Polish version)
Dear Readers! Spring greetings, we would like to invite you to read our newest issue of Post Scriptum. As usual, we have composed it with great attention to detail; it is rich in illustrations, plenty of good content and available for free here: You can order the paper version straight from the printers here: We hope you will enjoy reading it!

Artist of the Year 2022

Dear Readers!

The final of the Artist of the Year 2022 contest took place  on the 8th of October, in Piwnica pod Baranami. Dear Readers, you already know the winner of this years contest Iza Płonska. Last Sunday, she has received the ArtAkt Post Scriptumprize from the Editor-in-Chief Renata Cygan. As always this prize was awarded based on your votes. Congratulations Iza! And what was in all of this for us? A delicious dessert composed of a recital performed by Iza Płonska and accompanied by an accordion played by Leszek Kołodziejski. The audience loved the songs and did not want Iza to leave the stage. It was a magical experience and a beautiful evening! Congratulations to all of the nominees! Every single one of them is an expert in their field. We had a chance to admire their work at a virtual exhibition which took place during that memorable evening. Thanks to Piwnica pod Baranami for having us and thanks to everyone who has contributed to the competition and our gala.
Besides our Editorial Board we wanted to thank: Bartosz Lichawski, Adam Szynszun, Robert Martyna, Hektor Werios, Piotr Mendel. Special thanks to Vila Spiechowicz and to the Winner, who designed the outfit for our host Agnieszka Herman. Thanks to all of us who supported us along the way. Lastly, here is a link to our interview with the Winner:



HYPERSPACE is a space of encounter, community building, encoded affection and multidimensional communication. A collective effort and an outcome of a year-long P2P inquiry into new hybrid ways of making, sharing and learning from each other – the synthesised AI clone voice of HYPERSPACE artists collective whispers when you log on – their newly built digital platform. The voice continues: Press spacebar to enter… Have you arrived already?

Anchoring temporarily at Iklectik Art Lab in Waterloo, London on Saturday the 18th of February 2023, members of the group Irruptive Chora  opened up their space of sharing in the form of a 12 hours-long public programming of multisensorial performances, installations, workshops, talks and improvised interventions. “Hyperspace irrupted, creating space for artistic experimentation. It imploded into a specific geolocation, while exploding its guiding thoughts, movements and gestures onto the wider external world. Contained and spilling at the same time, we were infiltrating the space while letting others infiltrate us, one and multiple, in continuous choreographed movement.” – it’s  an excerpt from the event report. It will be published in its entirety in the next issue of the “Post Scriptum” quarterly.


The new issue is here!

The latest issue of Post Scriptum is now available! In it, among others: sculptures by Bronisław Krzysztof, an interview with a special guest – photographer Piotr Leczkowski, pastels by Adam Widełka. Daria Galant talks about Slavic imagination. You can also find there some good poetry and the usual dose of satire. Download this issue from the Issuu and Yumpu.

Artist of the Year 2020 Gala

On July 11th, the ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2020 gala was held, crowning the plebiscite in which the readers of Post Scriptum magazine chose the most interesting artist presented in the quarterly during the past year. The Artist of the Year title was awarded to Krzysztof Bieliński – theater photographer – author of photographs for nearly 700 performances, and also creator of abstract photographs. Congratulations to all of the Winners! We invite you to watch the gala, which this year took place exclusively online, but it remains available on Post Scriptum fan page on Facebook and on our YouTube channel.


We invite you to watch a series of conversations about theatrical and abstract photography with the winner of the “Artist of the Year 2020” plebiscite – Krzysztof Bieliński, in the JAZZ Television Photo Studio. The artist presents the specifics of his work for the needs of various genres of theatre performances, as well as explains the psychological approach to abstract photography.


All issues of the magazine are available on the platform.

Direct links to previous and subsequent issues are provided in the descriptions.

The paper version can be purchased through the mail-order bookstore under the heading POST SCRIPTUM.


All issues of the magazine are available on the platform.

Direct links to previous and subsequent issues are provided in the descriptions.

The paper version can be purchased through the mail-order bookstore under the heading POST SCRIPTUM.



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