TERMS AND CONDITIONS of sponsorship and advertisement 




The Sponsor according to the terms and conditions is a person (or an entity), who expresses their willingness to financially support the activities of the magazine, or its other organised actions.

The Patron is a person (or an entity) who declares long-term financial support for the magazine Post Scriptum

The Author is a person who:

  • created a given material (reportage, interview, review, etc.) – this applies to permanent editors as well as people invited to post their material once.

An Advertisement is a graphic-textual mode of promoting services and/or products of the Advertiser. 

The Advertiser is a person (or an entity), who bought an advertisement module (or a number of modules) in order to promote their services or products.

A Sponsored Article is an article displayed on one or two A4 pages after editing (together with accompanied photographs and graphics), designed at the request of and authorised by the Sponsor. 



The only accepted advertisement is the one from the broad spectrum of arts, architecture and literature. 



In the case of advertisements created outside of the Post Scriptum’s graphic team, the quality and technical possibilities the print will be verified by Post Scriptum’s graphic designers.



The graphic design of the advertisements can be requested from the Post Scriptum’s graphic designers with an additional charge.



The Advertiser is responsible for the content of the advertisement, however in the case of inappropriate language, the copy can be corrected or fully delated.



The sponsored article is the gratification for the sponsorship and for its size (1-2 A4 pages) is not connected to the amount of sponsoring.



The Sponsored Article is a one-time offer, designed by the Author, a module advertisement can be published multiple times, according to its accompanying agreement.



The terms and conditions of the partnership with a Patron are regulated each time with individual and separate agreements.



In the case of events organised by the Post Scriptum magazine, the sponsorship of each individual event is subject to separate terms and conditions and packages designed for the specific event.


The Premium Package:

A3 page (centrefold A4x2) and the logo on the cover – 1100 PLN netto for the 1st edition


The Standard Package:

Module 10 x 13 cm vertical – PLN 120 netto for the 1st edition/PLN 380 netto for a year

A5 Format – PLN 230 netto the 1st edition/PLN 740 for a year

A4 Page – PLN 450 netto for the first edition/ PLN 1400 for a year

The graphic design of the advertisements is priced individually.